Mother’s Day: the Time of Changing Tastes

January 7th, 2010

Ask a random sample of people on the street what they reckon is the biggest flower-buying occasion of the year, and you can bet most of them will say Valentine’s Day.

But they would be wrong – because whilst February’s rose might chalk up higher average bouquet values, Mother’s Day actually ranks as the UK’s biggest volume occasion for flower and plant sales, despite hefty, and ever-growing, competition from other products in the gift sector. And it is not surprising since no less then 35% adults will be out and about buying flowers for their mothers, or for children to give to their mums.

Traditionally, the Mother’s Day market has been characterised by higher volumes but lower values then Valentines – but that’s only been the case because of the focus on cheap and cheerful home grown daffs and lower-value spring flowers. In the floristry world, florists might have been able to get way with the same old planted basket or polyprop-ribbonned pink bouquets as Mother’s Day offering for years on end – but not any more.

Daffodils and other bulb flowers are beautiful, and people always love to buy them for this spring festival. And a lot of florists now are realising that they can pump profits by presenting these seasonal favourites in stylish new ways, with glittery or vibrant coloured containers, picks accessories and wraps – and correspondingly higher price tag.

It is easy to approach a traditional flower buying occasion like Mother’s Day with blinkers on, doing this in the same way it was always been done. But with fashion and home décor trends exerting more and more influence on the flower business, it is vital to come up with a strong colour and design theme for every sales single occasion – and these means Mother’s Day too.

And do not forget to accompany your modern Mother’s Day flower arrangements with handmade Mother’s Day cards and florist message cards from Lotus Art Studio magnificent greeting cards collections.

Alex Alatin

Hints and Tips for Making a Bridal Bouquet

January 7th, 2010

If you have decided that you want some unique bridal bouquets made up for your wedding, then the first tip we can give you is that you should try and come up with as many bridal bouquet ideas as possible. Search the internet, look in as many bridal magazines as possible and have a peek at flower arrangements you may see when you are out and about (in hotels, restaurants and the like). Once you have done this,  you must come up with a bridal bouquet design.

This bridal bouquet design should match  the rest of your wedding; if you have a cream wedding dress and red bridesmaid dresses, for example, your bridal bouquet design  should contain flowers of both red and cream colours, perhaps roses or lilies. If you have a large extravagant dress, you will have to decide whether or not the unique bridal bouquets you are looking into making or designing are going to be simple enough to compliment your dress, or even large enough to match your dress, for that matter.

Once you have some idea of the bridal bouquet design you want, you must try and work out a sensible budget to stick to and once you have done this, it will be time to look at materials – will they be real or fake flowers, etc.

The one thing you should know when making a bridal bouquet, especially unique bridal bouquets, is that practice makes perfect. The more you try out your unique bridal bouquets, the more chance you will have of getting them right!

If you are having trouble making a bridal bouquet, search online or seek help from family members or a florist. You will find that you’ll pick up some pretty handy bridal bouquet ideas and hints from these places and then you can be sure that you’ll have a bridal bouquet that will take the breath away!

Chris Marshall



Birthday Flowers – Know Before Sending

January 7th, 2010

Whether your sending Birthday Flowers toy your beloved, a relative or a friend, A Birthday Flower Delivery is a perfect and cheerful gift. Birthday Flowers can match the recipient’s personality, be a bouquet of their birth month flowers or a just a bright arrangement reflecting your affection for them. Birthday Flowers can vary for a formal or informal occasion, a big birthday or whether they are for a man or woman. Order Birthday Flowers such as a bouquet of fragrant roses or an elegant arrangement of exotic orchids for someone your love. A basket of spring flowers will symbolize tenderness and admiration for a young woman. If Birthday Flowers are being sent to a man, consider a bouquet of tulips or an elegant rose arrangement.

Send Birthday Flowers: Birthday Flowers are a warm way to send wishes to someone special on their birthday. Birthday Flower Arrangements Birthday Flower Bouquets can vary according to the person and occasion. For a more formal celebration, chose an elegant arrangement of roses, graceful orchids or a variety of sophisticated but cheery flowers in a tall vase or beautiful basket. For an informal setting or arrangement, Order Birthday Flowers such as a sunny arrangements of daisies, seasonal flowers, a sweet-smelling bouquet of orange roses, a mixed variety of flowers or a garden basket. If you are recognizing a special birthday, send an impressive arrangement with number of flowers for marking each birthday year such as forty or fifty bright long-stemmed roses. Send Happy Birthday Flowers to commemorate their special day.

Birthday Flowers by Month: Birthday are a perfect occasion to send a loved one flowers, be it a friend, a family member or someone you have a relationship with Learn about Birthday flowers and which flower to send based on their birth month flower.

AQUARIUS (February Birthday Flower) Jan 20-Feb 18 Daffodil and Primrose
PISCES (March Birthday Flower) Feb 19-Mar 20 Freesia and Cineraria
ARIES (April Birthday Flower) Mar 21-Apr 20 Tulip and Calceolaria
TAURUS (May Birthday Flower) Apr 21-May 20 Iris and Hydrangea
GEMINI (June Birthday Flower) May 21-Jun 20 Alstromeria and Geranium
CANCER (July Birthday Flower) Jun 21-Jul 21 Rose and Gloxinia
LEO (August Birthday Flower) Jul 22-Aug 21 Carnation and Begonia
VIRGO (September Birthday Flower) Aug 22-Sep 22 Gladiolus and Chrysanthemum
LIBRA (October Birthday Flower) Sep 23-Oct 22 Dahlia and Cyclamen
SCORPIO (November Birthday Flower) Oct 23-Nov 21 Gerbera and African Violet
SAGITTARIUS (December Birthday Flower) Nov 22-Dec 20 Anemone and Azalea
CAPRICORN (January Birthday Flower) Dec 21-Jan 19 Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia

Flower Guru


Wedding Flower Checklist

January 7th, 2010

You think you’ve thought of everything, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Weddings, although they’re meant to be joyous, can often be very stressful. Here’s some advice: make checklists . Although it may seem a tad ‘corny,’ a wedding checklist can provide you with peace of mind. You won’t have to wonder if everything’s been taken care of. You’ll be able to use each checklist as a confirmation.

One of the most important wedding checklists is a wedding flower checklist. Consider your bouquets. Make sure you have the following bouquets: Brides bouquet, bride’s toss-away bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, Maid of Honor’s bouquet, and the flower girl’s bouquet or floral basket. While this may sound like a lot to consider AND arrange, we’ve only just begun!

Corsages are required for the bride’s mother, the groom’s mother, and the grandmothers of both the bride and groom. Well the ladies are taken care of, but what about the men? Do all the gentlemen have a boutonniere? It’s tradition for the groom, the groom’s best man, the ushers, ring bearer, the fathers (of the bride and groom), and both grandfathers to wear floral boutonniere’s to the wedding ceremony. Typically, the colors of these flowers coincide with the corsages worn by the ladies.

Finally, everyone in your immediate family and wedding party should have some sort of floral arrangement. Once you’ve confirmed that with your checklist, you can begin planning and confirming your floral decorations and centerpieces for the wedding.

Start at the beginning: the rehearsal dinner. You’ll most likely want a floral centerpiece for the table. If it’s an extended table with many family members, you may want to consider two centerpieces. Presentation is everything. Next, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of the flowers for your wedding reception. Some things to consider are: the head table centerpiece, gift table centerpiece,  buffet table centerpiece, and bar centerpiece.

You may also want to place a floral arrangement on the table that informs guests of their seating arrangements. In addition, some floral ideas such as aisle runners and floral headpieces can be considered. Believe it or not, many couples give ‘thank you’ floral arrangements to their parents  and out-of-town guests. It’s become a very modern tradition that has been embraced by many young couples. Most importantly, don’t forget to write down the number of centerpieces you will need to make a gorgeous impression.

Jen Carter 




Know the Art of Flower Delivery

January 7th, 2010

Sending flowers online to our beloved ones is the best way express love and to remind them that you are constantly thinking of them. Local florists may not be able to fulfil all your needs  due to lack of availability and inability to send flowers to anywhere you wish. Suppose that an important function is about to start at your home and you are in dire need of a particular kind of flower that your partner desires. You call up the local florists only to find that the particular flower in question is not available and would not arrive in stock till the next day. Or that you are unfamiliar with the name of  a peculiar flower and cannot pronounce the name correctly. Such situations not only wastes away your precious time, it can also become sources of embarrassment for you.

Online flower shops help you to solve both the problems. The best online gift flower shops always keep good stocks. They have the capability to deliver the desired flowers at any addresses you mention, that also the same day itself. Flower delivery assumes much importance when you are away from home and is feeling nostalgic. A few taps on your computer, the flowers of your choice are ready to be shipped to your near and dear ones.

People sometimes ask about the reliability and safety of such flower delivery systems. But it is a truth that the best online florists never flinch on their services and safety. This has made sending flowers through online vendors more convenient and fashionable these days.

Before sending a particular flower, it is very important to analyse whether it suits the person or the  occasion. Many people make the mistake of sending a flower combination just for the sake of sending something. This kind of practice creates more harm than any good.

Online flower delivery shops have brought expensive and exotic flowers and flower arrangements, which at one time were affordable to royalty and celebrities only, within easy reach of common people too. Flower arrangements shaped like birthday cakes may actually make you salivate in desire. But don’t eat them. They are only flowers.

Flower arrangements make the perfect birthday gifts. Birthstone rose bouquets made from winter white roses can warm up the hearts of any receiver. Cupcake shaped bouquets with white mini carnations makes a luscious show piece. They are well suited as congratulatory messages too.

If you are bored with just sending roses, you can add a happy birthday dog toy, dressed up in the best party attire to the paraphernalia, to achieve better results. If you want add more fizz to the celebrations, you can go for the flower cake arrangement which contain some delicious chocolates and birthday balloons too.

There is no dearth of ideas here. The  online florist would take care of all those minute details and see to it that the flowers are send at the right address at the right time. Experience tells us that this is the best way to send flowers.

Roberta Groche 





Summer Flower Bouquets – Unique and Fresh Thinking

January 7th, 2010

In South Africa, summer is a time of holidays, travelling, relaxing and celebrations. The happy and excited spirit of summer is not complete without the bright and uplifting presence of flowers.

Summer flowers are a true reflection of the energised, colourful and happy atmosphere. Bright petals and dizzying combinations of floras are what help to characterise summer as a season of outdoor fun and activity, good times with friends and family and relaxation in the warm sun and jovial atmosphere.

The flowers of summer
In South Africa there is an abundance of colourful flowers to choose from. The Cape area forms one of the six floral kingdoms in the world. In South Africa there are also many other varieties such as carnations, gerberas, lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, lisianthus, amaryllis, coloured arums and incalillies.

These vibrant and refreshing flowers are often available in a range of colours to create an incredible combination of shades and hues in a bouquet. Red, purple, yellow and orange shades all contribute to interesting and tasteful arrangements of summer flowers. For example, arum lilies are available in pink, white, salmon and deep red and carnations are available in peach, red, yellow, orange and white. Gerberas are especially popular with their large petals in red, orange, yellow and white hues.

Special care
Due to higher temperatures and increased sunlight in summer, special care should be taken when receiving flowers.

Placing the flowers in ice water as soon as possible after cutting the stems diagonally is imperative, as is using a clean vase as bacteria can shorten flowers’ lives dramatically. The vase should be topped up on a daily basis with fresh water and if the flowers begin to droop, the stems should be re-cut and put back into water as soon as possible. Even the summer flowers do not react well to too much sunlight and a flower bouquet should not be left in direct sunlight, anywhere with hot temperatures or exposed to draughts.

Summer flower delivery service
Incorporate the beauty of summer flowers into gifts. A flower delivery service is a quick and reliable way of sending a gift of flowers in a time saving manner.

Summer flower bouquets and arrangements, as well as a host of other items such as gift baskets can be ordered and paid for online in just a few minutes, after which the delivery service will deliver the bouquet to the recipient on the desired delivery date. Reputable flower delivery services will provide a guarantee with their services, usually including a refund or a replacement bouquet if the service and product is not up to standard.

Summer flowers encompass the exciting and vibrant atmosphere of the season with their bright and jovial colours and wonderful fragrances. Flowers in summer are especially thoughtful as they bring the best of the summer season into the recipient’s home or office. With flower delivery services and easy online ordering, giving a floral gift in summer is a simple and thoughtful gesture. A bright, fresh bouquet of summer flowers is always enjoyed!

Rosemary Grace Brooks


Wedding Flower Bouquets: Learn About the Different Shapes, Sizes & Styles

January 7th, 2010

The perfect clutch of flowers will have the power to do two things – complement any color and style of wedding dress and help set a joyous mood at every turn. There are thousands of color combinations and a rainbow of hues to select when your planning your nuptials. Arranging gorgeous blossoms into the perfect wedding appropriate bouquet can be done in many different style and sizes. Depending on your dress, the formality of your wedding and your color palette, the size of your bouquet can have an affect on the unique look of your ceremony. Being savvy about your flower bouquet can create an eye-catching and memorable experience for your guests. No matter what type of blossoms are in your bouquets, you can be assured your wedding flowers will enhanced the beauty of your special day. Read on to learn more about the different types of wedding flower bouquets: 

Hand-Tied Bouquets
 These bouquets have a nature inspired look and are perfect for summer weddings that take place outside, such as in a garden or on the beach. These flower blooms are simply tied together, usually with a fancy ribbon or bow. These wedding flower bouquets are suitable for almost any setting, whether formal or informal. Adding textured flowers such as roses, peonies and chrysanthemum can add an extra elegance to your bouquet. If you are looking for a more personalized hand-tied bouquet, instead of using a ribbon, use meaningful objects such as your mother’s old wedding dress, etc. These bouquets are eye-pleasing and classical

Cascade Bouquets
Cascade wedding bouquets are designed to resemble a “waterfall” of blossoms. Although these bouquets are beautiful to look at, they are usually only complementing to taller brides and dresses with a simpler design. Since the bouquet itself is larger, it is important to balance out the proportions of size and color with your dress. These bouquets are usually filled with flowers such as calla lilies, orchids, stephanotis and long, flowing greenery. The soft accents of green are an excellent backdrop for any other vibrant colors in your bouquet. A cascade bouquet can be striking on it’s own! 

These smaller flower bouquets are popular among flower girls and bridesmaids. Tiny flowers such as spray roses, baby’s breath and lily-of-the-valley can create cute bouquets for your wedding. Another creative option for the posy flower bouquet is to use a couple larger flowers as focal points to complement your color scheme. These flowers arranged together can make a large statement at your ceremony! This style of bouquet is perfect for children and has the ability to accompany every dress type. Some more examples of flowers that would work are hyacinths, hydrangeas and multicolored roses.

Over arm
This modern look is an elegant and simple, yet extremely beautiful design for any wedding. Over arm bouquets are most commonly seen with long-stemmed flowers such as orchids, calla lilies and roses. These flower buds are your best guarantee because of their sturdy and durable stems. Wrapping these flowers together with a ribbon is also a stylish option. Figure fitting dresses are perfectly complemented with an over arm wedding bouquet. Keep in mind, holding the flowers for long periods of time during photos may make them become heavy – select lighter flowers if this is the case.

Round Flower Bouquet
Round wedding flower bouquets are the most commonly seen as bridal flowers. Although similar to the posy style bouquet, round bouquets are larger in size and usually contain a collection of various flowers. Using color to your advantage for these bouquets is important – use complementing or contrasting colors to create the biggest emotional impact. Any wedding, whether formal or casual, can accompany a round wedding flower bouquet. If fragrance is an important part of your floral design, consider adding sweet smelling roses, lilacs or peonies to your bouquet. Capitalizing on flower texture, color and size, your can be assured to have the most striking bridal flower bouquet your guests have seen!

A lovely, creative and personal flower bouquet is just as much a part of your wedding day as finding the perfect dress. Selecting blooms based on the style of your dress, the color of your wedding palette and the availability of your flower choices can assure you that your choosing the right flowers – and help you save money at the same time. Your bridal flower bouquet is the glorious finishing touch to radiating the true beauty of your entire wedding. Call on flowers to set the mood and scene for the wedding you have dreamed of since childhood. Knowing the various designs of bouquets can help you select the perfect arrangement of complementing flowers for your wedding day.

Janna Hagan


Why The Beauty Of Roses Is Hard To Resist

January 7th, 2010

Who can resist the beauty of a rose? Its soft delicate petals call to those who see it, begging people to touch them. One of the most prized flowers in a garden, rose varieties exist in abundance. A gardener could plant acres and acres of them, and each rosebush could bear a different color and variety of flower. Royalty and peasants alike have celebrated the scent and delicate beauty of this flower for centuries. No matter their station in life, individuals appreciate the unique and delicate beauty of this coveted flower. Roses still hold importance in flower gardening today.

When a gardener considers whether or not to plant, cultivate, and prune this cherished flower, he has dozens of choices ahead of him. First, he must consider the climate of where he will grow his roses. Roses prefer temperate climates and soil with good drainage. Thirsty plants, these bushes prefer long rainy seasons. If your climate leans towards the hot and dry, search for the rose breed that can withstand your extreme temperatures and lack of moisture. Thanks to scientific technology, rose growers and breeders are constantly working to develop hardier roses that can withstand the extremes of both hot and cold climates.

After finding the best plant for his climate, a gardener must consider the different colors, scents, and sizes available. Breeders grow some roses with their focus only as beauty, and thus the rose might not have a strong scent. And other types of roses emit such a strong scent that their fragrance can fill your yard. In the end, the type of rose depends on the gardener, but the majority of rose gardeners try to find something that has both a pleasant but not overpower scent and a beautiful color.

Colors abound in these plants. From deep magentas to even black, a skilled gardener can coax just about any color of rose to grow. Gardeners will have a variety of hues to choose from when shopping for your rose bushes, so they must pick carefully the one that they think will best complement their garden overall. The right rose has the potential to accentuate both their yard and home in a beautiful way. They may consider a rose that will contrast with their house color and thus stand out in the long run, or maybe they want to stick with a monochromatic theme and shoot for a rose that matches their home perfectly.

Regardless of the color or type, roses will always be a popular flower. Women dream of them, and men fork over a bundle of cash for them. Their finicky climate requirements make them rare, and because of this, the gardeners who grow them appreciate their delicate scent and beauty that makes them so unique.

Gregg Hall




When Is The Best Time To Plant Roses

January 4th, 2010

Have you ever wondered if what you know about roses is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on roses.

When spring comes and the ground is thawed, it is time to start planting your rose garden. Roses have been a cherished aphrodisiac since biblical times. They have been around for over 3000 years, yet they still hold a particular mystery and fascination, not to mention the fact that they just look and smell good!

One of the most important rules of growing roses is to plant the rose bush in an area that receives around 4 to 6 hours of sunlight every day.

It is preferable not to plant too many trees or other plants around the rose bush because most of these are likely to either mix with the rose or stifle it’s growth. If you are replacing an old rose bush, approximately 1 1/2 cubic feet of old soil should be removed, and fresh soil added to replace it. When positioning your rose in the garden or landscape, consider the growth habit of the rose.

For example, place climbers and ramblers along fences, trellises, or next to arches or pergolas. This location offers them free range of growth, and optimal potential for the showiest blooms.

Roses also look beautiful in island beds interplanted with perennials. Miniature roses make great edging plants in front of their taller cousins. Planted singly, shrub roses make excellent specimen plants or they can be clustered to make a flowering hedge. You can also use them to camouflage unsightly garden objects.

Dig a hole large enough for the root mass and loosen the bottom of the hole. You should add bone meal, which is a slow acting source of phosphorus that leads to healthy root growth in the rose plant.

Now that we’ve covered those aspects of roses, let’s turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Then the plant should be placed in the hole carefully and the hole refilled with soil, covering the roots properly. Before making the final covering, water the rose plant and let it absorb the water. After this, water the plant more and mound the soil about 6 inches high. The dome will keep the stems from drying out until the plant is rooted. Gradually remove the excess soil as the leaves open.

Special care should be taken with the planting depth. It varies according to the climate you live in.

If you live in a colder area, plant a bit deeper and consult with the people growing roses in your area. If you are buying potted roses, you should plant them about 1 inch deeper than their potted level.

The best time to plant roses varies depending on the winter temperature. Where temperatures don’t drop below -10 degrees F; either fall or spring planting is satisfactory. If you live in an area where winter temperatures go below -10 degrees F, spring planting is preferred. Plants should be planted in a dormant condition if purchased bare root, but container grown plants may be planted throughout the growing season.

Spacing of the rose plant is highly influenced by the temperature. In regions where winters are severe, the rose plant does not grow as large as in mild climates. Taking this into consideration, hybrid tea roses should be spaced 1 1/2 to 3 feet apart. Large vigorous growers, such as hybrid perpetuals need 3 to 5 feet of space, and the climbers need from 8 to 10 feet of space.

If the winter temperature is below 10 degrees F, roses can grow healthy if proper care is taken. The gardener must prepare for that cold, wet reality as he revels in the summer air conditioning.

In zones 7 and colder, the roses enjoy their last fertilization of the season by August 15th to limit the emergence of new rose canes, which will almost certainly not survive the winter.

Now that wasn’t hard at all, was it? And you’ve earned a wealth of knowledge, just from taking some time to study an expert’s word on roses.

Michael Hehn


The Meaning of Pink Roses – Delicate Beauty & Warmth

December 29th, 2009

The many meanings of pink roses are as beautiful as the rose itself. The pink rose has been the longest existing rose known to us – it has been cultivated for many years for it’s varying shades from the deepest crimsons to the palest pinks. As the pink rose was widely abundant in earlier times, it came to grow many different meanings. The color pink carries a connotation of grace, youthfulness, warmth, beauty, sweetness and admiration. The different types of pink roses are generally looked upon as a flower of sweet emotions and sentiments.

Even before the red rose, the pink rose became a long standing symbol for love. With the red rose taking over more of a deep, romantic love feeling, the pink rose began to take on a connotation of family love and friendship. Because of the softness of the color pink, a dozen pink roses are popular for using in flower bouquets for conveying feelings of thanks, condolence and congratulations. Darker hues of pink suggest meanings of gratitude and appreciation, whereas softer shades symbolize admiration and sympathy. These different types of pink roses are appropriate for special occasions such as funerals, graduations and “just because” or thank you. Overall, the pink rose is a time-honored way to send a bundle of emotions!

Pink roses are also widely seen in bridal wedding bouquets and arrangements. The delicate beauty of pink roses represent devotion, love and warmth and have amore dainty feel than the intensity of red roses. The very whimsical, spring time feel of pale pink roses can add a magical atmosphere at any wedding. Since pink roses are pleasing to all our sense, giving pink roses as a gift is a thoughtful and considerate way of showing someone you are thinking about them. Today, a dozen pink roses hold their place as a flower of elegance and refinement, as well as a means of communicating thanks and admiration. The beautiful fragrance that pink roses emit are enough to make anyone smile! Pink roses can also be a subtle reminder of unfound love and a gentle beginning to pristine friendships.

Janna Hagan



Growing Roses

December 14th, 2009

Roses are one of the most popular flowers all over the world. It has grown to be a symbol of love and is a favorite bouquet to be given for any occasion especially V-day. If you love the sight and smell of roses growing in your very own backyard and you are planning on planting them, then this article could help you take care of your roses.

We have to bear in mind that in order for roses or any plant for that matter to grow and abound, they need proper handling and care. Also, the location and the climate are important factors to also consider if we want to successfully grow our roses.

First, you need to ask yourself what type of roses you would want to be growing so that you would know where in your garden to plant them. Types like the climbers or ramblers would need more space to freely grow so it is advisable to locate them near fences or arches.

If you replacing an old rose bush with a new set of rose plants, it is advisable to replace the particular area with soil in order for the new roses to have fresh soil to start with. Remove about 1 and ½ cubic feet of the soil to be replaced with a new one.

It is best to position your roses in areas where there are not too many trees and other plants that may cover it from sunlight because roses basically need around four to six hours of sunlight everyday. Also if it were to be located very near other big plants, its roots might entwine and affect your roses’ growth.

You should plant your roses deeper if you live under much cooler conditions. When you dig a hole for your rose, dig a hole enough to accommodate the size of the root ball and carefully place it inside the hole then cover the roots completely. Water the roses before putting on the final layer of soil to cover it. For a source of phosphorus, adding a bone meal could help the growth of your roses.

To enable the rose plant to root itself and keep its stems from drying, mound about eight inches of soil in the base plant area. You can remove the excess soil when the rose begins to grow and its leaves start to open.

I’m pretty sure that with the right amount of tender loving care, your roses will be in full bloom in no time.

Lanny Hintz

Significance of Roses as Gifts

December 1st, 2009

William Shakespeare, the pioneer in English Literature says in his romantic play Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet”. Roses are considered as the symbols of love and beauty since time immemorial. They also serve as religious symbols for love and purity. While roses were sacred for Greek goddesses, we use rose as a representation of Virgin Mary.

Roses can be considered as the emperors among flowers. Their beauty, combined with fragrance, cannot be matched by anything in nature. Thousands of varieties of roses, with blooms of differing sizes, colors and aroma have been artificially created through scientific methods.

You can go on an on enumerating the virtues of rose. But what kind of symbolism roses hold in the present context? Sending one red rose says that ‘you are the one for me’, while three roses clearly says ‘I love you’. Eighteen roses expresses sorry for a wrong doing while twenty four roses assures the partner that you think of him or her throughout the day.

Sending 48 roses express unchanging and unconditional love and 99 roses go one step ahead by assuring your partner that you would love him or her throughout your life. 100 roses signify ripe age and devotion and 108 roses sends out the unmistakable message to your partner to marry you.

The colors of the roes also have significant connotations. While red, the mostly used color among roses, is seen as expressions of love, respect and courage. Pink denotes motherly love, appreciation and admiration. A white rose signifies the basic qualities required in one’s life like humility, loyalty, purity and reverence. They are used during marriages too.

Yellow colored roses express extreme happiness and deep friendship. However, they also stand for infidelity, jealousy etc and are often used during farewell functions. Blue hued roses indicates all things that are mysterious and beyond your reach. Purple roses designate enchantment, magical things and love at first sight.

The Rose is the national flower of the United States and is state flower of Iowa, Georgia, New York and North Dakota. It is also pertinent to add here that Portland, Oregon is called the City of Roses. The city also hosts a Rose Festival every year.

By now, I think, you may be well versed with the significance of sending roses as presents. The symbolism attached with roses multiplies their value manifold, which cannot be replicated by money or anything else.

Now the issue comes down to where you can find the perfect roses and rose bouquets. It has now become fashionable and convenient to order rose bouquets online. Look for somebody who can send you the required flowers the same day, that also without any service charges or shipping expenses. Presenting a lousy and shabby looking rose bouquet may damage the message you want to send out. So it is imperative that you should not compromise on quality. Otherwise, your carefully thought out plan would go bust in a moment.

Roberta Groche

The Meaning of White Roses – Everlasting Innocence and Purity

November 25th, 2009

White roses embody a whole new meaning to the word love. From there traditionally meaning of purity and innocence, to new symbolism of honor and respect, white roses are the perfect gift for celebrating events or new love. The color white itself has a meaning of youthful innocence – a world unspoiled and pure. So when you are in need of sending emotions that are straight from the heart, start with white roses. Unlike the red rose which symbolizes passion and true love, the white rose is a counterpart for conveying messages of faithfulness and everlasting love. With it’s pristine and elegant appearance, white roses have become a long time tradition for occasions such as weddings, funerals and anniversaries:

The white rose, also known as the bridal flower, is popular because of it’s graceful and timeless appeal of symbolizing a new bond of love. In the context of a wedding, the white rose is ideal for symbolizing new love, pureness, honesty and humbleness. The white rose first became popular when Queen Victoria used a white flower bouquet for her wedding in 1840. Since then, the tradition of “white weddings” is still apparent to this day. A bride carrying a bouquet of white wedding flowers on her big day signifies that she is worthy, innocent and will stand by her husband forever. An undying loyalty and lifelong promise of love can easily be expressed through white roses! 

For a departed loved one, white roses are also an appropriate flower for funeral ceremonies. As a symbol of remembrance, this rose symbolizes purity and heaven. A bouquet or spray of white roses is not only beautiful, it can belie a more complex meaning than it’s simple appearance. White roses are also associated with churches – such as baptismal ceremonies. The idea of a new beginning and spiritual love and respect are personified through white roses. Even if you are not directly related to the deceased, it can still be appropriate to send white roses to show your deepest sentiments and that they are in your thoughts. Sometimes conveying your heartfelt reverences can be difficult, but by sending white roses it can become a lot easier to express feelings of sorrow and understanding. 

Making anyone feel special on special days such as anniversaries or Valentine’s day can be as simple as giving them a bouquet of white roses. Since the white rose contains so many underlying messages, it can be taken differently by your recipient. Feelings of hope, friendship, love, purity and innocence can all by express in a single white rose. White roses stemmed their meanings of love from Greek mythology. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, was said to have left white roses to grow from where she arose from the sea. This mythological example still holds true in the white roses representation of love and purity. The numerous meanings of white roses are almost as mystical as the white rose itself! Sending white roses is perfect for anniversaries or just saying “I love you.” 

Janna Hagan